Excel spreadsheet expert consultant and trainer
Dr Peter Clayton
CMC CMgr FCMI FIC Excel Consultant efficiency automation and training

Excel Consultant – efficiency, automation and training

  • Excel Consultant on over 1,600 Excel projects completed for 600+ clients. Certified Management Consultant and Chartered Manager. Able to talk non-technically.
  • Make better business decisions by analysing your data quicker and more accurately by using an expert in Excel spreadsheets.
  • Automate repetitive tasks, reduce human errors and simplify complex processes with customised Excel formulae and macros. Cut 20%-99% off the time you spend on them.
  • Support and expert consultancy for one-off or ongoing Excel projects for multi-national companies, startups, SMEs and individuals. Or just solve a single formula that is frustrating you.
  • Development, Troubleshooting & Training.
  • Free initial consultation. Fixed price quotes as standard.

Excel Consultant with advanced skills in Excel and business consultancy on over 1600 projects

Excel consultant to multi-nationals & SME’s, to directors, consultants & managers, I have worked on Excel consultancy projects across all departments, industries and management levels and work to ensure the solution is fit for purpose from a business point of view and I design the solutions in a way that I would want if it was my job to make it happen to save time and effort while reducing manual errors.

Thank you Peter for your expertise. The service you provide is first-class!

Karl Halabi. Head of Sports Science, Reading Football Club

I’d estimate that Peter has saved me 6 weeks of boring work. I’ll be using Peter’s service again for sure.

Richard Jordan, Handcoded.co.uk

Excel Consultancy Services

KPI & Scorecard dashboards creation and improvement.
Spreadsheet design or re-design.
Pivot tables, graphs and customised formula.
Automation of data processing and analysis, including e-commerce.
Data mining, extraction, manipulation and presentation.
Website data file creation eg for Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Magento and Matrixify applications.
Excel Macros skills (VBA) eg for CSV file conversions, auto-emailing and other process automation.
Business Improvement, Operational Excellence, Business Intelligence and process flow re-engineering.
Bespoke and customised Excel training courses and coaching.
Ad-hoc or full training sessions remotely or at your office.

Key Benefits of using my services

Make faster and better informed decisions – analyse and present your data quicker and more clearly.
Automate repetitive tasks using Excel macro skills – spend your time doing more valuable things.
Pull more useful information from your existing data with minimal effort.
Bespoke Excel software that works with your own business processes instead of inflexible off-the-shelf software.
Find, reduce and prevent human data entry errors.
Specialist consultancy experience in using Excel to run complex operations with expert data analysis and expert manipulation.
Experience from over 1,600 Excel projects with 600+ clients helped.

Excel Consultancy qualifications and experience

excel consultants training skillsExcel consultant trainer
Certified Management Consultant
excel expert guru
Chartered Manager
Excel consultant for help and support
Fellow of the Institute of Consulting
Excel consultants operational skills
excel training consultancyPRINCE2 & MSP Trained (Project Management)Excel spreadsheet consultant
Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute

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Working with Peter has been excellent and a worthwhile investment. Your patience and skillset are greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to upskill us – we have really enjoyed learning more about the system. Our lives are a lot easier now!

Krishma Tangri, Logistics Area Manager, Aldi.

Excel Consultancy Client List and Employers

I have worked with a wide range of small and multinational clients including from manufacturing, distribution, food, healthcare, sports clubs, hotels, human resources, technology, construction, retail, financial, media, education and public sector organisations. Over 1,600 Excel projects completed for over 600 clients. I also assist charities at discounted rates if not free.

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Dr Peter Clayton is also the author of free brainstorming skills training found at www.brainstorming.co.uk