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Dr Peter Clayton
CMC CMgr FCMI FIC Excel Consultant efficiency automation and training


Please email examples of the data you want to use and details of how you want them processed. I’m happy if you want to provide realistic dummy data but all data will be treated strictly confidential either way. I’ll then send a quote for doing the work if you want to go ahead with it.

“I highly recommend Peter for the excellent service provided.”

Kishor Tahiliani, General Manager, Ibis Hotels

“That looks fantastic, thanks very much once again!”

Matt Galloway, Store Operations, Aldi

Excel consulting company contact details

I am normally working with clients so prefer to be contacted by email initially. Please send me a few details of your initial request, and ideally some sample data if possible. I then will review it and reply as soon as I can.
If you just want an initial discussion about your project, please send me a quick email with your contact details. Then I’ll get back to you to go through it. Please let me know which version of Excel you are using if you know.

I give fixed price quotes as standard but do hourly rates for unpredictably long projects or ad hoc training sessions.

Please just call me by my first name: “Peter”.

Contact and training through Skype / Zoom / Teams:

If you prefer, we can run through your project requirements by Skype / Zoom / Teams. It allows us to chat online while being able to see each other’s computer screens so it’s easier to check I fully understand what you’re wanting. If you email me your details and a suitable date and time I’ll contact you to confirm.

Charities are given special rates on large projects or free for small ones.

Or you can write to me at:

Peter Clayton, Infinite Innovations Ltd, 157 Chelsea Road, Sheffield, S11 9BQ, UK

My Excel consulting approach and terms:

I will nearly always give fixed price quotes for projects after I have discussed them with you and got your requirements. My initial quotations are almost always free, unless it takes a very large amount of time to understand and document what needs to be done.

After requirements and terms are agreed I will create the spreadsheet for you to review and confirm it does what you’re wanting, in the way you want it to.
Payment is then on satisfactory completion. I leave my final files unlocked with no passwords and they come with training and explanations if required.

I try to go beyond expectations by offering more than originally asked for and making sure that the results fit within a wider business context. While I can sometimes fully automate a file if it’s often much quicker and cheaper to you to do a minimal part of it manually as semi-automation is often the most cost efficient solution.

I am happy to meet with you in person to discuss your projects. However, I find that, initially, nearly all projects seem to be possible by email and telephone and I normally start with this.

If you are a specialist consulting company then I’m happy to to complete specific projects with you so can take the lead or be backup as needed.

I always keep my clients up to date with progress and will normally send early prototypes for you to test and review before the final version is created. You can then fully test the spreadsheets and Quality Assure that they do exactly what you want them to. I fix any bugs or fixes free of charge within the first six months.


I have no direct association with or represent the Microsoft company.

Note to students: I will not complete assignments for you and will report you for approaching me if you do.

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