Excel consulting services from a freelance spreadsheet consultant doctor.

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Doctor Peter Clayton
CMC CMgr FCMI FIC Excel Consultant efficiency automation and training

Typical excel consulting services:

  • Development, Troubleshooting & Training.
  • KPI, Scorecards & Dashboard creation and improvement.
  • Process Automation.
  • Spreadsheet design or re-design.
  • Excel Formulas, Graphs and Functions.
  • Pivot tables and Pivot Graphs.
  • ChatGPT API Integration.
  • Improvements in daily efficiency in using office software.
  • AI Data Preparation.
  • Excel Training and Coaching.

I specialise in:

  • Understanding business needs quickly.
  • Very quick turn around so help speed up Excel development projects.
  • Automating and/or semi-automating business processes.
  • Making sure that the outputs will be useful, for improving business decisions.
  • Communicating with clients to ensure the right objectives are reached.
  • Being able to talk non-technically.
  • Being a real life Excel Doctor.

Excel consulting services from a freelance spreadsheet consultant and Excel Doctor

I can help you speed up and improve your use of Excel spreadsheets by creating, modifying or improving them so you spend more time making use of them than building them.

  • Large scale interactive Excel spreadsheets for multi-national companies.
  • Medium or small scale spreadsheets for helping run SMEs.
  • Just a single equation that is frustrating you.
  • Business analysis and process improvement used as part of all projects.
  • Over 1,900+ real life Excel projects completed for over 700 clients from an expert Excel doctor.
  • Intermediate and advanced level Excel training courses run from single formulas to complex systems remote or in person.
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Excel Consultancy Services with over 1,900+ contracts completed

  • All forms of development, troubleshooting & training.
  • Dashboard and KPI report creation.
  • Extraction, manipulation and analysis of data from databases and other business systems.
  • Pivot tables, graphs and customised formula.
  • Automation of data processing and analysis.
  • Data mining and analysis.
  • Creating templates.
  • Spreadsheet design or re-design for optimisation of speed, efficiency and reduction of manual errors.
  • Develop from scratch or refine/improve an existing spreadsheet with experience Excel developer.
  • Business Process Automation.
  • Reduction of workloads through special formula and Excel macros/Excel VBA.
  • For specialised excel formula unique to your situation.
  • Website e-commerce data file creation eg for Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Magento and Matrixify / Excelify applications.
  • Spreadsheet review and Quality Control check.
  • Creation of dynamic charts and reports for presentations.
  • Bespoke spreadsheet design and development using Excel Macros (VBA).
  • Financial Quantitative Analysis (quants).
  • Integration of Chat GPT into Google Sheets for automation of AI text creation.
  • AI data preparation and cleaning service to upload to your AI databases.
  • Systems that rearrange and organize complex and disorganized data into useful reports.
  • Excel to PowerPoint and Word integration. Use Excel in PowerPoint with ease.
  • One-off problem solving and Excel Doctor service.
  • Integration with ecommerce, website and other data systems (Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Xero, Matrixify, Excelify).
  • In building Inventory systems.
  • Maintain data integrity and prevent accidental deletion of formulas using locked cells and sheets.
  • Only allow permitted values to be entered to ensure data integrity using dropdowns and other data filters.
  • Password recovery and removal.
  • Drop-in sessions can be held where staff bring Excel documents they are working on to get expert help and advice.
  • Excel Training & Coaching. I run any form of refresher, bespoke and/or customised Excel training courses; online or onsite.
  • General freelance Excel consultancy on anything to do with Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Hire Excel expert to save time and money.

Click here to see the full webpage on Excel training courses I run.

Advanced / Custom Excel training courses & coaching

Typical Excel Training courses run by an Excel Doctor:

Click here to see the full webpage on Excel training courses I run.

  • Advanced Excel training.
  • Intermediate Excel training.
  • Fast-paced Refresher Excel training.
  • Bespoke Excel training – choose the formulas or features you want to learn.
  • Screenshared tutoring and coaching by the hour or part of an hour.
  • Customised Excel training – use your own files as training examples to create the final file as you learn.
  • Excel training courses.
  • Excel training online using Zoom / Teams / Skype.
  • Excel training in person / onsite.
  • Single formulas to complex nested formulas and pivot tables.

I have run intermediate and advanced Excel training for many large and small companies including:

All services provided by Excel Doctor Peter Clayton

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