Automate Shopify, Ebay and Amazon using Excel data files

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Dr Peter Clayton
CMC CMgr FCMI FIC Excel Consultant efficiency automation and training


  • I have extensive use of using Excel formulas and macros to automate the creation of stock, inventory and price data files to upload to all the major shopping marketplaces.
  • Use Excel to take your downloaded e-commerce inventory files from Amazon. Ebay or Shopify to update stock and price values before uploading them again to update them online.

“As a small business owner my time is in great demand; Peter’s work has enabled me to carry out some of my routine tasks in a fraction of the time it usually takes.” 

Charlotte Baldwin, Colour Your Garden

Automate Shopify, Ebay and Amazon using Excel data files through File Exchange, Matrixify / Excelify, Simple Inventory and other apps

  • I can help you speed up and automate the updating of e-commerce data file to be uploaded to Shopify, Ebay and Amazon eg using Matrixify / Excelify, Ebay File Exchange, “Simple Inventory” and other apps.
  • Download Matrixify/Excelify data files and use Excel formulas and macros to auto-fill the fields such as updating stock quantities, prices and title changes based on stock files from suppliers.
  • Upload the modified files back to Shopify, Ebay File Exchange and Amazon to make the changes live.
  • Automate the creation of Shopify “new product” import files in Excel.
  • Over 100 real life Excelify and Shopify app projects completed.
  • Support, help and consultancy provided in developing your systems and processes to work and integrate well.

Online Shopping Systems Excel Consultancy Services

  • Automated e-commerce data file creation eg for Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Magento, File Exchange, “Simple Inventory” and Matrixify / Excelify applications
  • Extraction, manipulation and analysis of data from databases and other business systems.
  • Automated cross referencing Shopify data with supplier data files to speed up updates.
  • Automated stock and price updates for Amazon’s Inventory “Add Products via Upload” page using uploading automated Excel files.
  • Automated deletion of products not now in your live data streams.
  • Repricing systems and inventory systems created for online shopping software.
  • Analysis of Excelify and Shopify sales data to calculate profit margins, best sellers and stock movements.
  • Data file creation for new product e-commerce data for Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Magento and Excelify applications.
  • Spreadsheet review and Quality Control check.
  • Bespoke spreadsheet design and development using Excel Macros (VBA).
  • Link Shopify to your Inventory systems through Excel spreadsheets and CSV files.
  • Use the power of Excel spreadsheets and macros to help and support you develop high speed accurate shopping websites.

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