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Dr Peter Clayton
CMC CMgr FCMI FIC Excel Consultant efficiency automation and training


  • I’ve been doing Excel training since 1998 in both classroom settings and virtually to businesses.
  • I train intermediate and advanced users 1-to-1 or in small groups of up to 2 or 3 managers so they can learn at an accelerated speed.
  • I have been using Excel intensively for over two decades to run complex operations across the world, specialising in spreadsheets that analyse data quickly, improve business decisions and automating repetitive tasks.
  • I bring a wealth of personal experience as a manager and consultant on operational planning and budgeting in addition to Excel consulting and working on over 1,900+ Excel projects for over 700 organisations.

We have Excel competent people within the business but far, far from Peter’s level, his knowledge and passion is exceptional in this particular subject. Peter has implemented functionality we never thought was possible. 

James Carter, Sales & Marketing Director. W Crowder & Sons Ltd

Excel training & coaching on real life projects

I run training & coaching for intermediate and advanced users of Excel such as managers who already know how the basics and want to make more powerful use of it. This might be generally or for a specific project. Training of many senior managers and directors in the UK and around the world in Excel to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness.

I am happy to run any form of refresher, bespoke and/or customised Excel training courses;

Training can either be done remotely online or in-person onsite, and on live projects too, and so providing the training that people need at the time they need it.

I can provide instant training on single formulas or single issues using Skype/Teams/Zoom as I charge per hour so however long it takes for you to pick it up is how much it costs.

I have run intermediate and advanced Excel training for large and small companies including:

Typical types of Excel training course I run:

excel training courses uk
  • Advanced Excel training.
  • Intermediate Excel training.
  • Fast-paced Refresher Excel training.
  • Bespoke Excel training – choose the formulas or features you want to learn.
  • Customised Excel training – use your own files as training examples to create the final file as you learn.
  • Excel training courses.
  • Excel training online using Zoom / Teams / Skype.
  • Excel training in person / onsite.
  • Single formulas to complex nested formulas and pivot tables.

Typical training topics which can be covered by

freelance excel training courses uk
  • How to structure and set out your Excel files for maximum efficiency and accuracy (one of the most overlooked things you need to know and rarely trained). My experience of created real spreadsheets outside of the training environment puts me ahead of the others when doing this.
  • Extracting data from different types of lookup tables in the most efficient way.
  • Data mining to extract the most valuable information from raw data.
  • Pivot tables and pivot charts with slicers for extracting data very quickly from large data sets. Learn the tricks of how to use them efficiently when your raw data changes.
  • Simple macros which don’t involve programming skills to add efficiency with little effort.
  • Moving around an Excel file efficiently and quickly.
  • Creating efficient and re-useable formulas with absolute and relative cell referencing.
  • Building formulas that are easier to read therefore easier to maintain.
  • Creating formulas that give different values based on other variables.
  • Formulas that add up cells only when they are visible eg when filtered.
  • Building simple and more complex formulas – how to do so reliably and how to check they are right.
  • Formatting worksheets so they look and print well which is what is needed for good presentations.
  • Linking different sheets and files to extract data from other places.
  • Working with dates for calculating time differences and for calculating monthly totals.
  • Building complicated formulas with multiple formulas inside.
  • Text manipulation for analysis and display.
  • Filtering and sorting data and to providing flexible reporting.
  • Automating repetitive actions.
  • Speeding up slow spreadsheets through the use of quicker formulas and better layouts and processes.
  • Statistical and Financial functions (quants and retail analysis methods).
  • Auditing formulas to ensure accuracy.
  • Error handling and analysis.
  • Colouring cells in particular colours based on their values.
  • Creating dropdown lists that show all the items in a list regardless of the number of items in the list.
  • Data manipulation and management done efficiently and sustainably.
  • Protecting a worksheet and workbook with passwords.
  • Making Excel files smaller than normal so they are quicker and can be emailed.

Topics that I rarely, or never, cover

excel spreadsheet training in the uk

In my opinion the following topics should not be in Excel training courses as standard as I never use them or have almost never used them in over 1,900+ projects:

  • Solver and Scenarios.
  • Macros for non-programmers.
  • Analysis Toolpak.
  • Interactive Forms.
  • Data Functions (DGET, DCOUNT, DSUM, etc).
  • Array Formulas.
  • Styles & Templates.
  • Sparklines.
  • ODBC connectivity.
  • Workbook Merging.
  • Data Tables.
  • Track Changes.

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Previous Excel Consultant Work:

excel training courses Sheffield yorkshire
  • Analysis of financial data to create summaries and reports for accountants, operational managers and stockbrokers.
  • Creation of management spreadsheets to analyse time lost from production line breakdowns.
  • Spreadsheets for analysis and presentation of fitness and injury data for Premiership football clubs.
  • Operational budgets of $159 million and $92 million for election management plus the creation of a generic template for future budgets.
  • Calculation of election results for Kosovo and Afghanistan. Worksheets later used for printing and distribution the results to the worlds media.
  • Creation of reporting tools that compile into central data analysis tool eg gathering data from workers in the field and compiling the data into one file and analysing it.
  • HR spreadsheets – salary payments, days holiday, timesheets, recruitment tracking, staffing tables.
  • Timelines for complex operations, such as planning the election operations for refugees living in 14 countries..
  • Analysing of complex data eg searching for duplicates in list of voters, error anomolies in election results.
  • Analysis of prices and quotes from suppliers to work out which is the best value.
  • Creation of reports and graphs from large data sets.
  • Calculators for quantities of materials eg what should the distribution of election material be for the whole of Afghanistan.
  • Tracking and management of task lists of hundreds of items.
  • Reporting and presenting statistics for the world media.
  • Creation of a spreadsheet for printing cheques and envelopes for paying $2.25 million to 12,000 staff.
  • Creation of double data entry system in Excel for accurate data entry.
  • Timesheets for staff clocking in and out, with calculations of monthly hours, with or without barcode scanning of IDs.
  • CSV file conversions or to convert data from one layout to another automatically with macros or formulas.
  • Website data file creation eg for Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Magento and Matrixify / Excelify applications.
  • Developing over 1,900+ Excel projects with over 700 clients.

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