Dr Peter Clayton

Typical VBA Macro Consulting Services:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks to save time and money.
  • Automation of Excel features and tasks to reduce human error.
  • Automation of tasks not normally possible with Excel formulas.
  • Creation of customised emails with or without attachments (eg automated Mail Merge with bespoke PDF files).
  • Customised formula creation.
  • Improvements in daily efficiency of MS Office.
  • CSV conversion, processing and export.

“Peter we managed to condense a year of manual spreadsheet work into a few hours automation and macro building”

Gemma Price, Superfood Market

“We are delighted with the macros you set up”

Carolyn Harry, Director, RPC Services Ltd

Excel VBA Macro Consulting and Programming

Excel VBA Macro consulting services on offer by an experienced and skilful Excel consultant with over 1,600 Excel projects completed for over 600 clients.

Macros are bits of software written in Excel and often called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). With macros, almost any tasks in Excel can be performed and it’s just imagination that limits what can be achieved with them. It can also be used to automate Word and Outlook from within Excel.

They are used to automate tasks to reduce human error, save time and reduce boredom of repetitive tasks. Excel VBA macros can be used to manipulate files on networks even when the files are not Excel files.

Typical Excel VBA Macro projects I’ve worked on.

  • Reducing manual mistakes and human error by automating processes where mistakes could be made.
  • Automation of external CSV or Excel data files to import, process and/or export new data files.
  • Integration with Outlook to automatically create and send personalised emails based on the data in the Excel file.
  • Creation of data entry systems to minimise errors and restrict choices.
  • Creation of barcode scanning systems that accepts scanning of barcode that then uses the outputs in the Excel file or for export to other systems.
  • Adding a button that creates an email to be sent based on the data selected.
  • Creating a PDF file of the sheet or file, saving it to a specified location on the network.
  • Creation of new sheets, rows, or cells at the press of a button.
  • Adding and filling in new template sheets by pressing shortcut keys.
  • Using shortcut keys to complete any assigned task.
  • Creating bespoke formulas.
  • Programming of Excel code to reduce work load.
  • Making a backup copy of the file and naming it with today’s date and time.
  • Creating files on the network based on the data in the file.
  • Collating data from multiple files into a single master file with analysis.
  • Transforming data automatically where formulas cannot do it.
  • Import CSV files or TXT files to be used in existing calculations and analysis.
  • Automatic downloading of files from other parts of the network or internet.

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